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Our History

In 1983, after 25 years in the petroleum industry as a tax manager of a major oil company, Dave Brennan founded Brennan Financial Services in Dallas. Dave wanted to build a business that was different from typical financial firms. Brennan Financial Services would be built on a meaningful personal relationship between the client and the advisor, with ongoing communication about not only financial markets but how financial choices can help people to use their money to have the lives they want.

From the beginning, Dave shared his investment expertise, passion for understanding money, and tax-saving strategies with others. This led him to host a radio show, The Financial Talk of the Town, in 1985. For two decades he hosted his live call-in show on KLIF, WBAP, and KRLD. He also hosted a live weekly call-in TV show, Smart Money Live with The Brennans, with his children from 2006 to 2007. An unrelenting financial educator, Dave wrote Wishing Won't Do It: Financial Planning Will, which was released in 2008 and has been used as a training guide in university classrooms.

Dave, along with his wife Sandy, was an active member of his community and a recognized leader in Collin County. Following Dave's passing in 2017, Brennan Financial Services is now led by Dave’s son, Darren Brennan.